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The best

Love the product, good results, fast delivery, no complaints.



I like the product, I find taking 2x a day with the smaller dose is better (as per recommendation from my health provider as well). Small container is great for small storage places :)


LOVE the smaller packaging, and above all else great taste, quality and I see a difference by using it! My skin looks "fresher" and my bloat is gone!

Easy to use

I have used many Body Energy brand vitamins and minerals, this one, like the rest prove to provide great packaging, easy to swallow format and do the job!

Comparable Product To Much More Expensive Ones!

I usually buy a different brand, at a much higher price, and this one has the same benefits! Very happy with my purchase!

Light tasting fish oil

Affordable, palatable

BioSteel | High Performance Sports Mix
Gary Shalagan
Good product

Better and less sweet than Gatorade for sports hydration.

Immunity builder

Great product to keep the ‘bugs’ away

CanPrev | Magnesium BisGlycinate 200

Good value in the 200 capsule bottle!

Body Energy Club | Clean Vegan Protein Powder 840g

Body Energy Club | Clean Whey Powder 2kg

Gives us good energy

Really loving this product so far.

AOR | Digestase 2.0
Maria Ramirez
It helps

I tried it before having a meal that would contain dairy. I didn’t feel bloated.

PVL | Watertight
Watertight Review

I use this product daily as a diuretic to assist with blood pressure. Works great for me!

Selina Naturally Celtic Sea Salt
Chris Papakyritsis
Best salt hands down out there!!!!

Love this salt with all the minerals it offers for a healthy diet and living. I used to use a lot of pink Himalayan salt and now I switch to this.

Gritty and gassy

Unpleasant taste and gritty texture make this an easy pass. Not lactose intolerant but this gives me major gas and bloat. Disappointing

Taste great

I always remember to take these because they are delicious.

Perfect vitamins for kids

Our kids love these.

One of the most complete multi on the market

All in highly absorbable form.

Vitality | Digest+
Megan Acott

Great product


Great products

Good supplements

I got this because my friend recommended and I compared to same supplements where i can buy stores, it completely different.
I can easily take this without smelling.
I like it.

Iron Kingdom | BCAA Plus
Rafael Honorato

Very good quality

Sisu | Only Minerals

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