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Tastes great!

High protein whey isolate and it tastes good too

So good!

I love this protein powder! I’ve been alternating between the chocolate & unflavoured everyday for the last 8 months and keep coming back for more. It tastes great, blends perfectly, and the chocolate isn’t too sweet.


Not sure how to use this, along with whey. Not sure if it was correct to buy this along with whey isolate

Way too sweet!

I do NOT have a sweet tooth, but most whey powders with Stevia are fine. This whey product is disgustingly sweet. I know it's not sugar but it's not palatable. I can't use a full scoop which means I'm also not getting the protein serving I want. As a positive, this product does dissolve very well compared to other whey products. Overall I'm disappointed though as this product is double the price of many other options.

Product taste has changed

I’ve been buying this whey protein on and off over the years. Recent batches have a cloyingly sweet aftertaste. Something has changed in the recipe. Won’t be buying anymore.

excellent product!

I’ve been using this product for years and love it. I pour it on salads and all kinds of other food. I noticed an immediate difference with my skin as soon as I started taking it. I highly recommend it!

Styrofoam particles?

The powder itself is great, but I wonder if it’s a styrofoam seal they use. When I open a new jar, the seal across the top flakes off and I’m concerned if it’s tiny styrofoam flakes that end up in the protein powder.


This protein powder is delicious 😋

Best greens I've ever tried.

I love these greens! They give me tons of energy and they actually taste good! I don't cringe when I drink them like other greens. Will keep buying them over and over! Thanks BodyEnergy for carrying such great products.

NOW | Zinc Picolinate

I use this primarily as a support for my immune system. Easy add to my daily supplements.

Herbaland | Iron Plus Gummies
Hannah Oluka
Easy to digest

Love this Iron supplement because it tastes great and is easy on my stomach when compared to other iron supplements.

Herbaland | Oh My Bears
Hannah Oluka

My kids love these and they don't even know they are low sugar.

Love Concentrace!

Concentrace is a fast and simple way to add vital trace minerals daily. Love this product!

Dandy Blend | Instant Herbal Beverage with Dandelion
Love Dandy Blend!

My favorite coffee substitute! And bonus liver detox/flush from the dandelion. 5/5 for me!

Too Sweet

I stopped buying Vega products a few years ago, after their dishonest advertising around “more protein per scoop” — they had simply increased the size of the scoop. Trying this again now, the flavour is sickly sweet compared to what I’ve been using since I left Vega. I won't be buying it again.

Body Energy Club | Creatine Monohydrate (Creapure®) Informed Sport

Garden of Life Raw Organic All In One Nutritional Shake

Always good in my morning smoothie and sometimes use in recipes as a healthy substitute for sugar!

Top quality, cost effective

Axial smoothie red
Jonathan Test
Great product

This is a great smoothie

Clean Vegan - great texture!

Love the taste and texture. My ND recommended I try this protein powder. I was pleasantly surprised. It even works well in my shaker cup with some plant based milk. Not all vegan protein powders are shaker cup approved!

Great stuff!

Tastes fine, seems to provide the protein I need as a runner. Can be challenging to mix, but aren’t all powders.


Quick service.

Host Defense | Turkey Tail
Excellent product

I’ve been taking Turkey Tail for several years now. I’m taking it for the suggested benefits on gut flora, immune support, reducing inflammation. I also believe it’s contributed to my improved mental clarity. I recommend Host Defence products.

Best Value

I love this! It was delivered in no time so I could right back to my routine. Easy to drink in smoothies or just in water. One of my favourite brands.

Winter bug blaster

Helps fight those winter bugs with a high dose vita C

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