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Become a franchisee

Body Energy Club is currently seeking qualified franchisees who are passionate about our brand, our concept and business model. Franchising means that you’ll have a support team every step of the way.

Marketing & advertising

We will provide you with all marketing materials and tools, use of trademark and Body Energy Club systems to ensure consistency across all stores and to provide you with the tools to succeed.


We source our ingredients from reputable suppliers to ensure that quality is never sacrificed. We also work with vendors to bring in top of the line products at the most competitive prices.

We will train your team to ensure a successful opening and provide ongoing training throughout the year to ensure your store is set up for success.

We will provide you with updated policy and procedures to ensure that your store is operating effectively. We will also provide you with best practice recommendations to ensure efficiencies every step of the way.

You will leverage off of our purchasing power to ensure that you’re getting the most competitive prices

Opportunities & Investment

USA – Available in the state of California and the city of Chicago

Canada – Available across Canada.

(Not available in the downtown area of Vancouver, British Columbia.)

Our stores generally cost between $300,000 – $500,000.

Franchisee process

Our selection process is highly competitive as we know what it takes to succeed in this market landscape. Rest assured that if you are selected, the support that we provide will give you a definitive advantage as your business grows alongside ours.

Request for information

We ask you for basic information to determine if your needs are in line with what we can offer you. To determine this quickly, we ask that you fill out the Request for Information.

Submit application

Once you’ve determined that you’re ready to move forward and operate your own Body Energy Club store, submit an online application.


Initial phone interview will be conducted to gather additional information. From there, you will interview with one or more of our executive team members in person. If you have an existing business, we will likely visit your establishment. This is a great opportunity for you to get to know more about us and vice versa.


After conducting our due diligence, which includes finances and operations, you will receive notification of your approval. We will then touch base with you to determine the next steps.

Site selection

It will be your responsibility to select a location, which we must approve.

Execute agreements

We will draft a franchise agreement for your review and signing based on the terms discussed in our meetings. Once we receive the executed agreement, along with the franchise development fees, you will be ready to open up your own Body Energy Club store!

Become a franchisee

We're on the lookout for franchise partners who are passionate about health, wellness, and the retail industry. If you think you'd be a good fit for the Body Energy Club family, please start the process here.

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