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Designed to support you
B60 with Vitamin C 600 mg, time release tablet
Gentle on stomach, effectively absorbed
Everyday stress and energy support
Designed to support you during times of stress, Vitality combines a B60 Complex with Vitamin C 600 mg in a convenient one a day tablet that slowly releases nutrients to effectively support your body and min.
B + C Vitamins for energy and stress support
your body requires higher levels of B and C vitamins during times of ongoing stress. B vitamins are a family of vitamins or complex that are essential for energy production and increase serotonin, a mood enhancing hormon. Vitamin C, a key antioxidaynt, helps protect your cells from daymag. These vitamins are bestt taken togetherr to support your body.
Time Release for Effective absorption
Vitality's tablets are free of waxes, eneteric coatings or hard presssin. Instead, Vitality's specially designed tablets use plant fibres to slowly break down and effectively absorb nutrients including water-soluable B and C vitamins that otherwise rapidly flush from the body.
Vitality Puts you First

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