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Vega One Nutritional Shake

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One and done. Each scoop is packed with more benefits than you can shake a shaker cup at: 20g of plant protein, with antioxidant vitamin C to support the immune systems, minerals, probiotics, fibre, omega-3 polyunsaturates, and good-for-you greens.
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With everything you want, all in one delicious scoop, Vega One gives you the nutritional confidence to tackle your full life with gusto—no matter how much you pack into it.

  • Woah. Vega One sure is green! Why? Is the color natural?

    Vega One™ is proudly green. With organic broccoli, organic kale, organic spirulina, and Vega Chlorella, Vega One comes by that beautiful, rich green hue honestly. No food coloring added! You may notice that it’s even greener once you add water. That’s because spirulina is highly soluble and dissolves in water. You just can’t camouflage awesome.

  • Is Vega One organic?

    As demand for organic ingredients grows, it’s getting easier every year to find reliable sources of organic ingredients, but the cost of certification remains prohibitive for smaller-scale farmers—especially cooperative farmers of crops like sacha inchi protein. Vega One is made with a variety of certified organic ingredients including gelatinized maca root, acacia gum, broccoli, kale, spirulina, marine algae, pomegranate, goji and macqui.

  • Where are ingredients in Vega One sourced from?

    Approximately 68% of the ingredients in Vega One are grown and processed in North America, Europe Union and Japan. We choose to source some ingredients from their native climate including: organic gelatinized maca root (Peru), sacha inchi protein (Peru), and chlorella (Japan).

  • Is there caffeine in Vega One?

    Chocolate flavored Vega protein products contain caffeine from cocoa powder. The approximate value (which may change based on natural variations in the plant-based ingredients):

    • Vega One Chocolate flavor contains about 11 mg of caffeine from cocoa powder per serving.
    • Vega One Mocha flavor contains about 16 mg of caffeine from ground espresso beans and cocoa powder
    As reference, one 8 oz/250ml cup of coffee has between 75-200 mg of caffeine in it.


  • I don’t like the taste of stevia. Will I like Vega One?

    We’ve added stevia to Vega One™ because it is our favorite sweetener. Stevia is plant-based and contains no calories, and we think it adds a delightfully sweet flavor to Vega One and other Vega plant-based protein powders. If you can taste the stevia, try adding a squirt of lemon juice or a handful of dark leafy greens to your Vega One smoothie.

  • Can Vega One™ help me lose weight?

    We love this question because we get to talk about nutrient density (AKA the amount of nutrients compared to calories). Vega One™ is a nutrient dense food, so you can use it any way that you would use a food. You can enjoy it on its own or as a part of your favorite smoothie. You can even cook with it, making pancakes or muffins (and you can find recipes at We love Vega One because it tastes great, and offers 20 grams plant-based protein, veggies and greens, and 6 grams fiber in 170 calories or less (150 for Natural flavor). If you’re trying to lose weight, consult your health care practitioner to know what’s right for you.

  • How many servings are there in a tub of Vega One™?

    The serving size for Vega One™ is one scoop (or, in the case of boxes and pouches, one single-serving pack). For the large tubs of Vega One™ there are approximately 22 servings in Natural flavored, 20 servings in Mocha, Coconut Almond, Berry, French Vanilla and Vanilla Chai flavored and 19 in Chocolate flavored. For the small tubs of Vega One™ there are 11 servings in Natural and 10 servings in Mocha, Coconut Almond, Berry, French Vanilla, Vanilla Chai and Chocolate flavored. The number of servings will vary slightly between flavors in order to achieve a fill weight that’s consistent.

  • What is marine algae?

    Vega One™ contains 20% of your daily needs for calcium and is sourced from organic marine algae. Marine algae is a unique plant-source calcium and mineral complex, made from a wild-harvested marine red algae harvested in the Atlantic Ocean. A particular species of marine algae (Algas Calcareas) draws calcium and other minerals from sea water by attaching itself to pieces of seaweed and digesting the minerals from the water. As the tiny algae attaches to the seaweed and collects the minerals it slowly grows in size, eventually growing to about the size of your hand. When fully-grown, the algae naturally washes up on the beach, where it is collected in small, sustainable batches. After being picked and cleaned on shore, the plant is minimally processed by being dried by the sun and ground within 48 hours.

  • I’m allergic to nuts—are there any nuts in the natural flavors?

    While Vega One™ does not contain any nut ingredients, it is not produced in a nut-free facility. Safety is paramount to us at Vega®, therefore all our facilities are 3rd party audited and follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) to ensure all allergen ingredients are stored away from non-allergen ingredients, and strict sanitation procedures are followed, to ensure risk for cross contamination is minimized. Since every allergy is unique and has a different severity level, we advise our consumers to make their own decision, depending on their individual health condition and dietary restrictions and by speaking with their health care practitioner.

  • New to nutritional shakes? Start here!

    Welcome! We’re so excited to welcome you to the world of premium plant-based nutrition. Vega One will provide you nutrition to help you thrive, whether you’re simply shaking it with water on-the-go or blending it into a satisfying smoothie. Speaking of smoothies—if you’re looking for flavor inspiration, start at the Vega Recipe Center.

  • Why do the instructions say mix with a non-dairy beverage? Can I mix it with milk?

    We love non-dairy beverages such as almond, hemp, coconut, or rice milk (to name a few) mixed with Vega One™, but if you only have dairy milk in your fridge, go for it!

  • Can Vega One be used as a meal replacement?


    Vega One™ is a food—so you can enjoy it anytime you would eat other foods you love—meals, snacks or anywhere in between. Check the Nutrition Facts Panel to ensure that it has the amounts of macro and micronutrients that you are looking for.


  • Is it ok if I drink more than one serving of Vega One in a day?


    Even good things should be enjoyed in moderation and we suggest you take Vega One™ as part of a balanced diet. If you have questions about your specific nutrition needs, it’s best to talk to your health care practitioner.


Pea protein, Flaxseed powder, Organic acacia gum, Pea starch, Organic broccoli powder, Organic sacha inchi powder, Organic maca root powder, Stevia leaf extract, Inulin (from chicory root), Organic spirulina powder, Organic kale powder, Marine algae, Fruit & vegetable extract blend (spinach, broccoli, carrot, beet, tomato, apple, cranberry, orange, blueberry, strawberry, shiitake mushroom, cherry), Citric acid, Probiotics (Bacillus Coagulans GBI-30 6086), Xanthan gum, Fruit blend (grape seed extract, mangosteen powder, organic maqui powder, organic pomegranate powder, organic goji powder, acai powder), Rosemary extract, Natural flavours.


Customer Reviews

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Vega One Mocha - Yum!

I have Vega One every day. Love the high nutritional value and the use of organic ingredients whenever possible. Fills me up and the effect is long-lasting!

Jim M.
Excellent product… Been using it

Excellent product… Been using it for years… Great breakfast substitute

Kaity R.
This has been my favourite

This has been my favourite for a long time! I love the flavour of it and its great to mix in with smoothies as well!

Eiichiro M.
I love this protein

I love this protein

Mylene A.
The products came at the

The products came at the right time. Satisfied with the delivery and the brands that I ordered.

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