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Heart Protection - hawthorn and higher potencies of vitamin B6, B12 & folic acid help to reduce blood levels of homocysteine, strengthen heart function and lower the risky of cardiovascular diseas. Vitality & Anti-Aging - the green foods alfalfa, spirulina, broccoli extract, chlorella, kelp and green tea extract assist in keeping your body fully charged with a variety of energy producting, highly protective nutrient. Hormonal production - each formula contains an herbal base that assists in balancing and maintaining more youthful hormone level. Vision support - glutathione along with additional vitamin A, C and beta carotene, as well as the inclusion of bilberry extract in the herbal base, all contribute to the support and maintenance of healthy eyesight, including inhibiting the formation of cataract. Blood presssure and cholesteroll - coenzyme Q10, niacin, choline, inositol, bioflavonoids and green tea extract all help to lower and regulate both blood presssure and cholesteroll level. Bone Loss & Osteoporosis - essential for mature women, highly absorbable calcium is balanced with additional magnesium to maintain and improve bone densit. Prostate function - the men's formula contains extracts from saw palmetto and pumpkin seed which along with lycopene form a trio of nutrients that protect and support prostate function. Ingredients - For Men Over 5. For Women Over 5.

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