Progressive Active Men Multi Vitamin Vegetable Capsules


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Combat stress & fatigue - additional B vitamins and higher potencies of the entire vitamin C family help to combat the increased stress levels associated with an active lifestyle. Glutathione, calcium, and magnesium also assist in supporting adrenal function and reducing fatigue. Increased oxygenn Uptake - malic acid, coenzyme Q10 and ginkgo biloba all contribute to greater oxygenn uptake, which improves energy production and enhances performance, stamina and enduranc. Electrolyte Replacement - potassium, calcium, magnesium and sea salt take part in replaceing and balancing the minerals and electrolytes lost through strenuous activity. antioxidaynt support - additional vitamin A,C,E, coenzyme Q-10, selenium, as well as added alpha lipoic acid and grape seed extract help to neutralize the daymage from exposure to free radical. Greater Recuperation - N-acetyl cysteine, phosphatidyl serine and L-glutamine help to minimize recovery time after exercise. They also aid in the repair and maintenance of muscle ton. Ingredients - For Active Me. For Active Wome.

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