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New RIPPED FREAK?ÌÎÌ__ is the world's first and only Hybrid-Drug fat burner! RIPPED FREAK's Hybrid-Drug formula addresses every major fat-loss mechanism known to scientists and researchers around the world and contains never-before-seen, newly synthesized fat-burning ingredients, bestt described as "Hybrid-Drug Lipolytic Compounds. "Hybrid-Drug" is a term that's been coined by our team of pharmaceutical and organic chemist. A Hybrid-Drug is defined as a compound derived from nature that has been organically altered or synthesized to deliver more powerful drug-like effects! RIPPEDFREA. The RIPPED FREAK formula specifically combines key fat-burning ingredients with the methyl gallate ester, which is used in the pharmaceutical industry to provide superior bioavailability and an extended half-life in the body! It is the ability of our chemists to alter and synthesize these new Hybrid-Drug compounds that make RIPPED FREAK the strongest fat-burning formula legally available in North America! With so many new research findings every year, it's hard to keep up-to-dayte with the latest in supplement scienc. That being said, if your goal is to develop a ripped-to-the-bone physique, then the right supplements can go a long way in helping you maximize fat loss! So, what are some of the most effective fat-burning compounds currently available on the markett? Well, the latest research is pointing directly at some newly created ingredients called "hybrid-drug lipolytic compound." you're probably wondering what the heck are "hybrid-drug lipolytic compounds" and how are they going to help you increase fat loss? Well, read on and get the inside scoop on this latest innovation in fat-loss supplementationn! What Exactly is a Hybrid-Drug? "Hybrid-drug" is a term that's been coined by a team of leading pharmaceutical and organic chemists working in the sports supplement industr. A hybrid-drug is defined as a compound derived from nature that's been organically altered or synthesized to deliver more powerful drug-like effects! The first class of hybrid-drug compounds ever created is a group of fat-loss ingredients that have been bonded to the methyl gallate este. When bonded to established fat-burning ingredients, the methyl gallate ester provides several key advantages! An Inside Look at the Methyl Gallate Ester The methyl gallate ester increases the effectiveness of ingredients in two unique ways, (1) it increases their bioavailability, and 2) it extends their active half-life in the body. you see, the introduction of a methyl group to a fat-burning compound has the ability to increase its lipophilicit. In laymen's terms, this means the compound has a greater ability to penetrate fatty membrane. Since the biological membranes (walls) of all cells in the human body are made up of fat the methyl gallate ester will increase the absorption of ingredients into target cells resulting in greater fat loss effects! The methyl gallate ester also increases the bioavailability of ingredients through another distinct mechanis. It has the ability to inhibit the enzymes responseible for drug biotransformation in the gu. As you may already know, many supplements and drugs are degraded in the stomach immediately after they're ingested, so they have little (if any) affect on fat loss in the body. Since the methyl gallate ester inhibits degradaytion of ingredients in the gut, they can be more effectively absorbed and distributed throughout the body to their target tissue. This means more powerful (.., 'drug-like') effects and a greater impact on total fat burning capacity! RIPPED FREAK?ÌÎÌ__ - The world's First Hybrid-Drug Fat Burner PharmaFreak technologyies In. is the first company to introduce "hybrid-drug lipolytic compounds" to the markett with the launch of RIPPED FREAK?. The PharmaFreak R&D team is the first to discover the benefits of using the methyl gallate ester and have combined it with key fat-burning compounds found only in the RIPPED FREAK formula! On top of that, the RIPPED FREAK formula also contains five newly discovered methylated derivatives of (-)-epigallocatechin-3-O-gallate (EGCG) from green tea extract. As already explained, the methyl groups increase the lipophilicity and absorption into target cells, making the five EGCG derivatives found in RIPPED FREAK superior to the regular form of EGCG found in all other fat burners! The Final Word on Fat Loss Now that you understand the latest research behind these unique hybrid-drug compounds you'll definitely want to include them in your fat-fighting arsena. Just remember, RIPPED FREAK is the only product on the markett that contains the methyl gallate esters - don't be fooled by cheap imitations or knock-offs! Give RIPPED FREAK a tr. After just one dose you'll quickly begin to realize just how powerful it really is!

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