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CanPrev | Hya Love

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CanPrev’s Hya Love formula features Hyabest®, a form of hyaluronic acid known as sodium hyaluronate —clinically proven to enhance skin hydration.
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  • Helps increase and sustain skin hydration
  • Aids in collagen formation for skin, hair and nails
  • Promotes smooth, glowing skin
  • Protects against oxidative damage caused by free radicals

CanPrev’s Hya Love formula features Hyabest®, a form of hyaluronic acid known as sodium hyaluronate clinically proven to enhance skin hydration. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the dermal layer of skin and is responsible for keeping the epidermis looking plump and hydrated. However, our supply of hyaluronic acid depletes as we age, causing dryness in the skin and leading to more visible wrinkles.

This hydrating formula combines sodium hyaluronate with Living Silica®, a highly bioavailable form of silicon derived from Nova Scotian quartz, plus biotin, L-lysine, and vitamin C for the ultimate skin support. Ideal for dry, aging skin that needs to lock in moisture. 

Sodium hyaluronate

Produced through fermentation with a lower molecular weight as compared to conventional hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate has similar benefits for increasing skin moisture within the deep layers of the skin. Bonus: It’s vegan-friendly!


As an amino acid, l-lysine is essential for the formation of collagen. With healthy collagen levels come improved skin elasticity and firmness, and speedier wound healing. Also, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, l-lysine may help to reduce acne swelling and redness.

Vitamin C

This antioxidant plays a key role in skin health, from supporting collagen production to preventing dry skin, protecting against sun damage, and promoting wound healing. Vitamin C further helps to fend off many common signs of aging like fine lines and sagging skin.


Silicon is a mineral that’s necessary for collagen production. In addition to nail and hair health, silicon may also help to calm and soothe inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.


Vitamin B7, also commonly known as biotin is an essential nutrient for healthy skin, hair, and nails. It’s involved in nourishing and hydrating the skin due to its role in fatty acid formation, thus resulting in smoother, glowing skin.
This combination of ingredients also helps encourage collagen production at the skin, providing a nourishing foundation for hydrated, plump, and radiant skin. 



Each capsule contains:

Sodium hyaluronate (Hyabest® ) : 60mg

L-lysine (L-lysine monohydrochloride) : 250mg

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) : 75mg

Silicon (LIVING SILICA® methylsilanetriol) : 5mg

Biotin : 2.5mg


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