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ATP Lab | Supreme Beef Protein

ATP Labs

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Supreme Beef contains both collagen and bone broth which has been great for my gut health & it's a non dairy option which is excellent for people that are dairy sensitive.
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Protein from Beef bone broth and hydrolysed grass-fed beef collagen.*
  • MUSCLE GROWTH: Dietary protein plays a significant role because if the body doesn’t have enough protein or calories to repair the muscles after exercise. If you want to build muscle, beef protein powder isolate may help you where it outperformed a placebo in muscle growth. It may also help build muscle after resistance training.
  • WEIGHT LOSS: Taking beef protein powder may assist with weight loss and make it less likely to overeat and stick to a healthy eating plan. Not only does it reduce overeating, but it will also prevent the body from losing muscle. protein may also affect some weight-related hormones, such as ghrelin, to help keep off excess weight
  • SUPPORT HAIR, SKIN & NAILS HEALTH: Collagen and keratin are broth types of proteins. You can find keratin naturally in the skin, hair, and nails and protect them from damage. Collagen supports muscles and skin.
  • SUPPORTS IMMUNITY: The immune system makes proteins called antibodies to fight off infections and respond to foreign substances that enter the body
  • ANTI-AGING: Beef broth protein is beneficial for the elderly since it may help prevent fractures and promote higher bone density. Low protein intake may cause weak muscles and more frequent hip fractures



Grass-fed bovine collagen hydrolysate

• Organic cocoa

• Beef bone broth proteins

• Organic flavours

• Xanthan gum

• Organic stevia

• Sodium chloride.


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