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West Hollywood

West Hollywood, nestled in LA County, blends glamour and creativity. It's a 1.9 sq mi hub with vibrant nightlife, upscale shopping on Sunset Strip, landmarks like Chateau Marmont and Pacific Design Center. WeHo is LGBTQ+ friendly, with trendy neighborhoods, dining, music, and art scenes. It champions progressive values and is a leader in social and environmental causes. This city offers a lively urban lifestyle with culture and fashion at its core.


What types of products can I find at Body Energy Club?

We're your local supplement store, juice bar and smoothie shop. From juice cleanse and health food products to health food and vitamins, there's something for everyone at Body Energy Club!

Do you carry cold-pressed juice?

We do! In addition to our full lineup of supplements, smoothies and acai bowls, you can also find a range of healthy juice options at our juice bar. Looking for a juice cleanse West Hollywood? We have you covered!

What makes your smoothie bowls superior?

We use high-quality, nutrient-packed ingredients, rich in vitamins and minerals. Each acai bowl is also fully customizable, with a diverse range of stock options and add-ons. Our Acai is also 100% organic, locally sourced, and absolutely delicious.

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