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Energy. Attitude. Immunity. Whichever one you’re measuring, Vitality For Men™ leads the pack.

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Energy You'll Notice.™
Energy. Attitude. Immunity. Whichever one you’re measuring, Vitality For Men™ leads the pack.

The Multi-Purpose, Multi-Mineral, Multi-Vitamin.
With 125 mg/serving of multi-patented Sensoril®, you’ll experience remarkable day-to-day enhancements like mood-improvement, reduced stress, better concentration, and lowered fatigue. Sensoril® has also been shown to help reduce cortisol, a hormone associated with stress, by 14.5%. Finally, a vitamin supplement for active men with actual lives.

Energy You’ll Notice.

Now. More Than Ever.

Popular research shows that men with high cortisol levels show greater signs of stress, anxiety, and irritability. Not surprisingly, these same men also experience difficulty falling, and staying, asleep. It’s no secret that high stress and poor sleep often go hand-in-hand. Vitality For Men™ directly attacks this problem with its inclusion of Sensoril® — a clinically-verified plant extract that has been shown to reduce serum cortisol levels. In doing so, your Sensoril® may establish for you a healthy circadian rhythm, leading to better quality sleep.

Don’t Worry. Sleep Happy.

The primary goal for Vitality For Men™ has never changed: to offer the world’s best single-serving multivitamin exclusively for men, that delivers energy you’ll notice. The best ingredients, the newest research, and the most innovative formula — all wrapped up in the palm of your hand. That approach continues today with the all-new Vitality For Men™. Like anything else that truly matters, the difference is in the details. You’ve already got your macros under control, let the new Vitality For Men™ handle your micros.

500 Calories Of Almonds. Without The 500 Calories.

Your body is an elaborate arrangement of intricate systems and processes. In some cases, even the slightest malfunction can send your entire alignment spiraling out of control. Is that something you really want to spend your time worrying about? Free radicals are highly reactive atom groups that can do catastrophic damage to your body’s cells. Vitamin E is the silent soldier in the war against free radicals. It protects your cells’ vulnerabilities and fights off oxidation. One way to get this protection is from 90 grams of raw almonds — a snack that also comes with a 500 calorie ticket. Or instead, you can get it from a single serving of Vitality For Men™. Maybe not quite as tasty, but a whole lot cheaper. Plus, now you can save those 500 calories for something you really want.

The Easiest Way To Eat Five Oranges.

It wasn’t easy to fit 417% of the daily recommended value of vitamin C into a single serving of Vitality For Men™ - but we did it. Behold a single-serving supplement that competes with five entire oranges — yet fits in the palm of your hand. Vitality For Men™ ensures that regardless of where you are or what’s in your fridge, you’re never more than ten seconds away from a powerful portion of refreshing vitamin C. So start improving your collagen production. Reinforce your capillary walls. Increase the rate at which you absorb iron. And boost your immunity — all without breaking the bank on bags of overpriced citrus.

Convert Fuel To Energy

  1. 2. 3. 5. 6. 7. 9. 12. On their own, an interesting string of numbers. In relation to B-vitamins, a behemoth combination of essential vitamins that help your body convert fuel to energy. In order to understand this importance, it’s necessary to first understand an “essential” vitamin. Essential vitamins cannot be produced by your body alone — you must consume them. Furthermore, B-vitamins are water-soluble which means that excess amounts cannot be stored for later. Looking for a way to blow past your daily recommended value of B-vitamins? Fifteen raw oysters should do the trick. Now, looking for a quicker, easier, and less oystery way? Take a single serving of Vitality For Men™ and get on with your day.


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Blue Star Nutraceuticals | Vitality For Men | Take it Daily

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