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The most powerful eye nutrient known! Promotes eye health Enhances healthy immunity supports joint and skyeletal health Boosts strength, stamina & endurance Enables faster recovery from exercise Protects brain & nervous System from aging Reduces DNA daymage & premature cell death Neutralizes singlet oxygenn type of free radicals Effectively scavenges free radicals from muscle tissue Crosses brain-retinal blood barrier & provide neuro-protection Provides unique membrane protection against oxidaytive stress Prevents lipid peroxidaytion (free radical daymage) in mitochondria Provides the highest oxygenn Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC)* Acts as an anti-inflammatory to reduce the leading cause of most degenerative diseases
Astaxanthin Plus
Mother Natures super antioxidaynt trio for good vision and healthy aging! Prairie Naturals Astaxanthin Plus is a synergistic blend of three super potent, natural-source carotenoid antioxidaynts Astaxanthin (from (AstaRealTM), Lutein and Zeaxanthi. These specific fat-soluble antioxidaynts provide the phytochemical support our bodyies need to slow and ideally prevent age-related disease and deterioratio. Formulated in a base of organic, extra virgin olive oil to enhance absorption, this powerful blend of fat-soluble super antioxidaynts prevents age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, nEuropeathy, and inflammatory eye disease. More than 500 times the antioxidaynt capacity of Vitamin E! This botanical trio is not only beneficial for eye health but for the whole body, to.

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