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Body Energy Club | Organic Turmeric Powder

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Naturally rich in antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties
Gluten free
Dairy free

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When you purchase Body Energy Club's Organic Turmeric Powder, which is sustainably grown and harvested, you are supporting farmers and cooperatives while also improving their living and farming conditions.

Turmeric powder is a powerful nutritional superfood. It is derived from the dried and ground turmeric roots (also called rhizome) of the turmeric plant. Our turmeric contains at least 6% of curcumin er weight, some of the highest levels on the market, making it a potent active ingredient. It has an earthy, bitter and peppery taste with a deep golden color.

Suggested Use:

Enjoy our powerful superfood by adding turmeric powder to your favorite culinary creations, desserts, snacks, drinks and smoothies.


These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada or the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

External Use

Turmeric powder can also be used topically. Mix the powder with honey to create a traditional rejuvenating Ayurvedic face mask or make a paste for rashes, skin irritations and bruises.


Store in a cool, dry place. Allergen Information: Produced in a facility that packages tree nuts (Almonds, Hazelnuts and Cashews). The facility is dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free and peanut free.


Certified Organic Turmeric Powder


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