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Body Energy Club | 100% Pure MCT Oil

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Body Energy Club's 100% Pure MCT Oil has some of the highest concentrations of MCTs per serving than other brands on the market. For a quick boost, blend MCT Oil into your smoothies, shakes and coffee.
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Body Energy Club's MCT Oil is concentrated with the medium-chain triglycerides, capric acid and caprylic acid. Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are easily digested and provide energy, support the metabolism and are burned by the body for energy and fuel. We have partnered with one of the world’s premier long-time suppliers whose oil is chosen as a clean source of MCTs by premium food companies globally.

Body Energy Club's MCT Oil is derived only from young  coconuts and has more MCTs per serving than any other brand, making it an excellent option for athletes or those following a vegan, paleo, or plant-based diet. For a quick boost, blend MCT Oil into your smoothies, shakes and coffee.

  • Full C8, C10 fractions
  • 6 X more potent in MCTs than regular coconut oil
  • Sustainable farming methods
  • This product was designed for the most ingredient-conscious individual
  • No artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives
  • Vegan Friendly, Paleo Friendly, Keto Friendly, Gluten Free
  • Kosher and Halal

Suggested Dose: 1 tablespoon (15 ml) in a shake, drizzled on salad or in baking. First time users should start with 1 teaspoon per day and work their way up to 1 tablespoon.

Full C8, C10 fractions of MCT explained:

Our MCT oil consist of two specific types of MCTs with varying carbon chain lengths. These MCTs include:

  1. Caprylic Acid (C8): C8 MCTs are the shortest-chain MCTs and are known for their quick conversion into ketones, making them a readily available source of energy. They are easily absorbed and metabolized by the body, providing a fast-acting fuel source for physical and mental energy.*

  2. Capric Acid (C10): C10 MCTs are slightly longer-chain MCTs compared to C8. They are also efficiently converted into ketones, contributing to sustained energy and enhanced cognitive support. C10 MCTs provide a slower release of energy compared to C8.


    Warning: MCTs can cause side effects, including flatulence, diarrhea, stomach pain, and bloating. If you haven’t taken MCT oil before, start with no more with a teaspoon in a day. If you experience any gastrointestinal problems like cramping or nausea, reduce your dose.

    Storage: Store at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. There is no need to refrigerate Body Energy Club MCT Oil.

    *Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by Health Canada or the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


    Ingredients: Cold-pressed fractionated coconut oil providing 100% pure MCT's (medium chain triglycerides)


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