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Axial smoothies bowls

Axial smoothies bowls

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  • High protein
  • Vegan
  • Keto

Enhance your drinks with our All Naturals Add-ons

Elevate your smoothie game with our all-natural add-ons, featuring potent ingredients like matcha, spirulina and greens powder. Enhance your blends with power fuels; nutrient packed concoctions curated to pack even more nutritional benefits into every sip!

Something for everyone

With 35 plus smoothie bar items on our permanent menu, plus seasonal, limited edition and collaborative concoctions; there really is something for everyone, regardless of tastes or dietary preferences.

Made to order every time

Nothing on our menu tickling your fancy? We have over 60 custom options including protein types, additional fruits & veggies, fats, oils, superfoods and more.

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