Westpoint Naturals Brown Flax Meal
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Whole flax seed (ground meal, powder or intact seed) contains 28% dietary fiber, (7 - 10% soluble fiber, 11 - 18% insoluble fiber), 40% fat (73% of it being polyunsaturated fatty acids), and 21% protein. Other flax seed nutrients include vitamins E and B, sterols, and mineral nutrients such as calcium, iron, and potassiu. More than 50% of the fat in flax seed is an essential fatty acid called omega-3 fatty acid (alpha-linolenic acid, ALA ), which makes flax seed the richest plant source of omega-3 fatty aci. Flax seed is rich in antioxidaynts, such as lignans (also a phytosterogen) and other phenolic molecule. The high dietary fiber in flax seed, due to its high water-holding capacity and low digestibility, increases the bulkiness and gastric emptying of stoo. This in effect helps relieve constipation and other irritable bowel syndrom. Lignans, which are antioxidaynts, are also associated with lower serum cholesteroll and may help reduce oxidaytive daymage to cells and cellular molecules from free radical. Flax seed may also lower blood glucose and improve insulin tolerance (diabetes. Whole flaxseed (powder and ground meal) may also reduce serum total cholesteroll and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol. Flaxseed can also reduce some marketrs of inflammationn, and raise serum levels of the omega-3 fatty acids, AL.

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