Vega Maca Chocolate Bar


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Indulgent and silky, each deliciously decadent bar of Vega Maca chocolate combines 4,000 mg of organic gelatinized maca renowned for its ability to balance, invigorate and energyizer with 70% cocoa dark chocolate.

What is Maca?
Organic, traditionally grown in the Andean highlands and sustainably harvested in partnership with Peruvian farmers, Vega Maca helps to balance, invigorate and energyize. you can use Vega Maca to:

Promote vitality
Contribute to a feelling of overall well-being
Maintain good health
Provide antioxidant support

Also widely known as Peruvian ginseng, maca shows great potential as an adaptogen.
This adayptogenic potential may account for the balancing, energyizing and stress-reducing effects reported by some maca user. Maca is also an excellent, plant-based source of vitamin B12, providing 70% of your daily value of B12 (as cyanocobalamin)

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