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All of the energy with none of the crash. This pre-workout supplement has everything you need to boost your body's natural energy reserves without the addition of any crash-inducing ingredients like caffeine or synthetic additives. It also features green tea extract to help increase the rate of your body's metabolism. Making it through your workout (and the rest of your day!) without crashing won't be an issue with Surge, so get out there and break a sweat!


Surge is a no-nonsense formula containing energizing ingredients that come exclusively from all-natural sources, without the addition of any fillers or heavily processed substances. This translates to a healthier boost in energy without the unpleasant side effects – no jitters, bloating or restless nights just the clean energy you need to perform.


Because Surge doesn’t contain any artificial/added caffeine or processed additives, you won’t experience any anxiety, distracting thoughts, or a racing mind. Naturally replenishing and energizing ingredients mean you can look forward to a clear mind and a focused workout.


Say goodbye to the restlessness, heart palpitations and upset stomach that often come with highly caffeinated supplements. Say hello to clean, long-lasting and crash-free energy. Thanks to ingredients like ginseng, this blend will give you a natural energy boost while still allowing you to feel relaxed after your workout.


Surge is free of artificial stimulants

  • Most other pre-workouts are made up of harmful ingredients and can have dangerous levels of caffeine

Surge is made from good CLEAN ingredients that provide nourishment and energy, not artificial stimulation

  • Many products focus on stimulating the body, this results in huge harmful crashes

Great source of natural antioxidants

  • Many off-the-shelf preworkouts simply do not include any antioxidants in order to cut down on costs

No Crash & No Jitters. Because we only use natural sources, Surge provides a good clean energy kick without any of the negative side effects

  • Other pre-workouts can cause an anxious uncomfortable feeling that can lead to a huge crash

The standardized beet root extract used in Surge has been clinically proven to help improve aerobic capacity

Great Natural Fat Utilization and mobilization blend

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