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Trophic Magnesium Chelazom. Magnesium is an essential mineral nutrien. This vital mineral is needed in over 300 of the body`s enzyme. Virtually all bioenergyetic processes require magnesiu. It plays an important role in bone formation, stress, exercise, depresssion, PMS and chronic fatigue.
Magnesium is absorbed from the small intestin. It is poorly absorbed from foods, less than 35% of the ingested amoun. Only 25% - 35% of non-chelated magnesium ingested is absorbed and this can often have an adverse effect on the bowe.
The body must modify mineral salts to assimilate the minera. Magnesium salts, through complex digestive and transport processes, becomes magnesium amino acid chelat. The chelated magnesium is then metabolized and the magnesium mineral is released into the bloo. Many people are unable to perform this complex digestive function. Therefore, non-chelated magnesium has little biological effec. trophic, by pre-chelating the magnesium with amino acids, relieves the body of this tas. trophic Magnesium Chelate is more bioavailable and better tolerated than magnesium salt.

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