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RespirActin helps you breathe easy - fast! Safe and effective, RespirActin is made from a 150-year old treasured formula that goes to work immediately to help balance the respiratory system.


RespirActin is a pleasant-tasting herbal liquid that opens the airway and soothes the throat. It contains no ephedra, ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, or other stimulants. RespirActin helps clear up the "drips" from swimming in chlorinated pools!


Per 1 Tbs (15ml)

Honey/Honey Apis melifera 1.125gr.

Nigella/Seed Nigella sativa 38mg.

Thyme/LeafThymus vulgaris 38mg.

Damiana/Leaf Turnera diffusa 38mg.

Clove/Bud Syzgium aronacticum 38mg.

Rosemary/Leaf Rosmarinus officinalis 38mg.

Sage/Leaf Rosmarinus officinalis 38mg.

Spearmint/Leaf Mentha spicata 38mg.

Chamomile/Flower Matricaria chamomilla 4mg.

Witch Hazel/Leaf Hamamelis virginiana 4mg.

Juniper/Berry Juniperus communis 4mg.

Cassia Cinnamon/Bark cinnamomum cassia 4mg.

Fenugreek/Seed Trigonella foenum-graecum 0.5mg.

Solomon's eal/Root Polygonatum multiflorum 0.5mg.

Eleuthero/Root Eleutherococcus senticosus 0.5mg.

Marshmallow/Root Althea officinalis 0.5m

Non-Medicinal Ingredients 

Purified water, Potassium Sorbate


Shake well before using. Take on an empty stomach.

  • For allergies, hay fever and congestion: 1 Tablespoon (1/2 oz.) morning and evening.
  • For chronic conditions: 2 Tablespoons (1oz.) morning and evening.

Recommended Dose:

Take 1-2 Tablesppons morning and evening.


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