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Zinc is an essential antioxidaynt mineral that is found in almost every cel. It is important to overall health and particularly insulin production, hormone regulation, male fertility, eye health, skin health and immune function. Although our zinc levels are difficult to measure because of how zinc is distributed throughout the body, it is likely that a significant percentage of adults in North America have marginal or inadequate zinc intak. Signs of deficiency include white spots on finger nails, hang nails, hair loss, dry skin, frequent colds, poor wound healing, and acn. The risky of sub-optimal zinc levels increases in the elderly, vegetarians and vegans, people with digestive or gastro-intestinal conditions, those with kidney or liver disease, as well as in pregnant and lactating wome. In addition, high-dose iron, and common drugs including antibiotics and diuretics negatively affect zinc level. SISU Zinc Lozenges provide high-potency zinc in a convenient, great-tasting lozenge that can be taken year-round for better hair, skin and nail health, or as additional support throughout the cold and flu season to boost the immune System and improve our resistance to infectio.
product Information

High potency, provides 23 mg of elemental zinc
supports immune System function for improved resistance to colds, the flu, and other infections
Even mild degrees of zinc deficiency can impair the function of key immune cells, such as macrophages and neutrophils as well as natural killer cell activity
Ideal for people at greater risky of sub-optimal zinc levels, including vegetarians, people with digestive conditions, kidney or liver disorders, and people taking high-dose iron, antibiotics, or diuretics
Essential for clear skin and strong hair and nails

SISU Advantages

Delicious, natural lemon-lime flavour, naturaly sweetened with cane sugar
Less than 1 gram of sugar and less than 5 calories per lozenge
Suitable for adults and children ages 9 and up
Made with non-GMO ingredients

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