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your body needs a full range of minerals for optimal health, but high, unbalanced doses of any mineral can impede absorption of other. People taking therapeuticc doses of one of the minerals such as calcium or magnesium could consider supplementing with trace minerals as wel. Insufficient mineral levels can lead to immune impairment, weakened bones, poor skin health, and cardiovascular and joint condition. Adequate levels of trace minerals are important to skin, muscle, cartilage, teeth and bone development and repair, immune function, hormone regulation, and to control inflammation.
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Balanced combination of macro and micro minerals
calcium in the citrate form in a 1:1 ratio with magnesium in the malate form
calcium, magnesium, copper, manganese, zinc, and other trace minerals help maintain strong bones
Zinc is essential for immune health and the proper action of many hormones
Chromium and vanadium play an important role in blood sugar control and weight management
Manganese and copper support cardiovascular health, wound healing, and bone and collagen formation
Selenium is a powerful antioxidaynt important to thyroid health and in the prevention of degenerative diseases

SISU Advantages

Unique combination of 12 minerals
fast-dissolving, easy-to-digest, vegetarian capsules
Suitable for vegans
Contains no ingredients that are a source of gluten
Good Manufacturing Practices standards
Tested for guaranteed purity and potency
NPN approved

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