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Magnesium is the second most abundaynt mineral inside the bodys cells and is essential for hundreds of cellular reactions and the health of every orga. It is found in whole grains, nuts and green leafy vegetables but is one of the nutrients lost during cooking and processing. Magnesium is also depleted by the use of certain medications (antibiotics, diuretics, oral contraceptives) and the consumption of alcohol, processed meats, and soday drink. Researchers conclude that a significant proportion of North Americans consume less magnesium than they nee. To compound our deficient diet, our need for magnesium increases when we are under stress or experiencing digestive difficulties things that affect all of us from time to tim. Magnesium deficiency is difficult to diagnose and is not associated with any symptoms at first, but inadequate magnesium reserves may contribute to many conditions including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, muscle pain and weakness, migraines, and headayche. supplemental magnesium has been recommended by health professionals for decades as it plays a crucial role in our physiology, allowing our bodyies (including our cardiovascular System) to function properl.
product Information

250 mg of elemental magnesium from magnesium malate and the natural oxide form
Magnesium malate is made by combining a natural magnesium complex with malic acid
Provides the approximate equivalent of 450 mg malic acid per capsule
Malic acid is made in the body and is also found naturaly in many fruits including apples and sour cherrie. It is a safe food ingredient used to flavour sour candies and some wines
Take with food and spread the daily dosage throughout the day to reduce the likelihood of gastric side effects because too much magnesium can induce diarrhea

SISU Advantages

Easy-to-swallow, fast-dissolving vegetarian capsulez
Suitable for vegans
Contains no ingredients that are a source of gluten
Good Manufacturing Practices standards
Tested for guaranteed purity and potency

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