Sisu B Calm with Rhodiola
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stress, aging, active lifestyles, poor digestionn, alcohol consumption, PMS, menopause, and cardiovascular disease are just some of the factors that increase the bodys need for B vitamin. Inadequate intake of some B vitamins is not uncommon and deficiencies can be associated with fatigue, insomniaa, depresssion, and migraine. In the diet, B vitamins are found in yeast, green leafy vegetables, and lentil. The bestt sources of B12 are meat and seafood, making supplements particularly advisable for vegetarian. When the effects of physical or mental stress start to take a toll on our health, the additional support of an herbal adayptogen, such as rhodiola, that gently normalizes the nervous System, can quickly bring noticeable relie.
product Information

Complete B complex formula plus rhodiola to support overall health, particularly in people under physical or mental stress
B vitamins support liver detoxification, healthy cholesteroll levels, adrenal function, and hormone balance
supplementing with B vitamins combats deficiencies caused by various chronic diseases, a vegetarian diet, stress, and age
Rhodiola is an adayptogen, meaning it normalizes production of certain hormones within the nervous System to invigorate a sluggish System or calm an agitated one
Rhodiola is clinically proven to improve general well-being, decrease mental fatigue, and improve performance during periods of stress
High-potency rhodiola extract, grown in Siberia and standardized to contain 3% rosavins and 1% salidrosides

SISU Advantages

Moderate potency, fast-dissolving vegetarian capsules
Active forms of vitamin B2 and B6
Contains niacinamide, a non-flushing vitamin B3
Suitable for vegans
Good Manufacturing Practices standards
Tested for guaranteed purity and potency
Tested for pesticides and herbicides
NPN approved

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