SD Pharmaceuticals Creatine HCL 300g
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muscle growth support
Increases muscle cell volume and protein synthesis (muscle growth), which results in bigger and fuller muscles!


Since creatine HCl requires minimal amounts of fluid for absorption, it does NOT cause any gastrointestinal distress, water retention or bloatin.

Enhances ATP for greater strength, performance and recovery during high-intensity exercise!

Greater Solubility!
Creatine HCl is more water soluble than all other forms of creatin. As a result, the dosage required to deliver maximum benefits is smaller than other forms of creatin.

Less Fluid for absorption
Since creatine HCl has greater solubility, only a very small amount of fluid is required for absorption to take place. Other forms of creatine, including monohydrate and buffered creatine, require much more fluid for absorption to occur.

Maximizes Phosphocreatine
Creatine HCl maximizes levels of phosphocreatine, which then reacts with ADP to form more ATP during exercise!

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