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Imagine taking a shower in an invigorating mountain waterfall every day, without having to worry about harmful contaminants such as chlorine and heavy metals. Now you can bring purified, mineralized spring water to your shower at home with the Santevia Shower Filter!

Chlorine in your shower water has been known to increase your chlorine intake even more than drinking tap water. Santevia technology uses Activated Carbon and KDF to effectively reduce both chlorine and harmful heavy metals. Finally, the Calcium Sulfite provides a natural moisturizer and leaving your skin and hair soft and healthy.


The Santevia Shower Filter’s Stages of filtration:

Stage 1: Micro Steel Mesh

Removes sediments and particulates

Stage 2: Activated Carbon

Reduces chlorine

Stage 3: KDF

Removes heavy metals and chlorine

Stage 4: Calcium Sulfite

Softens water and reduces chlorine


Filter Life: 4-6 months

Height: 5.1” (13 cm)
Diameter: 2.8” (7 cm)

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Santevia Shower Filter has a rating of 4.8 stars based on 4 reviews.