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Tired of purchasing single-use plastic water bottles, or searching for a water fountain wherever you go? Plastic water bottles have devastating impacts on the environment, and they’re not good for your health either.

Most bottled water companies harvest their water from municipal sources, meaning that the water is chlorinated and acidic.

Santevia wants to provide a solution that is not only convenient, but will also deliver you clean, alkaline water on-the-go.

The small, easy-to-carry Power Pouches will improve taste, reduce chlorine, add minerals, and raise the pH of your water. Each Power Pouch will give you 10 bottles of clean, mineralized, alkaline water on-the-go. The chlorine reduction and mineralization process will give you delicious water that will increase your energy and metabolism, and act as a powerful antioxidant.

The recommended intake of 10 glasses of water a day will no longer be a chore; perfect for travelling, you can take the power pouch with you to the gym, office, yoga class, or any outdoor activity.

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