PVL Iso-Gold Protein 900g
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Superior Whey Isolate Formula
Iso-Gold is the extra premium whey isolated whey protein! The new and improved formula brings togetherr all six of the necessary technologyies for superior uptake, delivery and result. And Iso-Gold tastes great too!
Double the Isolates
Iso-Gold features an exclusive duo of the world's strongest muscle building isolated whey protein. Isolated whey is the highest protein source of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) for true anabolic muscle buildin.

Cross flow microfiltered/cold-dried & patented whey protein isolate, fully loaded with all the key micro fractions (see Micro Fractions pie chart.
ActiNOS, is the fully patented muscle building, arginine-peptide rich whey protein fraction; it pumps more nutrients directly into the working muscle and increases lean muscle . levels (nitric oxide) by 950%!

EAsiaest Digesting Formula Anywhere
Even trace amounts of lactose, which are found in most whey protein products, can be difficult for some people to diges. That is why Iso-Gold has been fortified with Lactase, an enzyme that breaks down lactose, making Iso-Gold the eAsiaest protein to diges.
Pro Athlete Tested
PVL formulas are for everybody who wants premium quality and result. Our formulas are developed by a select group of nutritionnists, trainers, professional and Olympic athlete. Each formula is researched, tested and athlete approved by our in-house tea. Iso-Gold is high in protein which helps build and repair body tissues, and helps build antibodyies and strong muscle.

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