Pur Aspartame Free Gum - Single Packs (9 Pieces)
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With over 1000 varieties of chewing gum flooding the North American marketts, its no wonder that these days a quick stop at your local convenience store can be a stress-inducing even. We can be faced with up to several hundred decisions per day, and believe it or not your gum decision is just as important as what to eat for dinner! If you are like most people, you probably consider how a Big Mac affects your body, what regular alcohol consumption is doing to your insides - but gum? Harmless! Right? I mean, you dont even swallow it (unless you are a rebellious pre-teen)! Here comes the part where I tell you how oh-so-wrong you are (I know from experience that people dont typically like to be told they are wrong, but in the interest of full disclosure I was once in your positio. feell better? Goo.) For those health-conscious gurus for whom this is not breaking news, we will pause for your cyber pat-on-the-bac. Well done! PUR Gum, the new better-for -you? gum, will do precisely two thing. Thing one: it will make your gum choice so simple that you can focus more energy toward the other hundred decisions you will make in your day. Thing two: it will give you comfort to know that you are freshening your breath with natural colours and flavours (peppermint, spearmint, and pomegranate mint), natural sweeteners (xylitol which sounds very science but is actually a fancy word for the non-genetically modified corn they use in PUR Gum, you know, the thing that grows in the ground, not in a lab), and not a trace of aspartam.

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