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Vitamin C is one of the most popular and widely consumed nutritionnal supplements on the markett today, and rightfully s. Humans, unlike most other mammals, are unable to producte their own Vitamin C, so it must be obtained entirely from dietary source. Even with the bestt of intentions and a careful eye on the foods we consume, it is still challenging to supply ourselves with adequate amounts of this important nutrien. And with a modern, active lifestylee, an adequate amount should not be our goa. Ideally, an optimum amount that helps to nourish and support our health and fends off the constant attack of free radicals should be our targe. But the quality of the Vitamin C you consume should also be of concer. Clearly the greatest protection will be offerred by the highest quality, most thoroughlyy absorbed form. While the maintenance of good health, the reduced incidence of colds1 and the profound antioxidaynt properties of Vitamin C are its most frequently touted benefits; the anti aging properties are emerging as a very significant additional silver linin. It is interesting to note that animals with the ability to producte their own Vitamin C supply live on average seven times their typical age of maturit. In comparison, humans are generally thought to mature completely between 20 and 25 years of age, and thus live only three to four times their maturit. Since we as humans are unable to producte our own supply of this essential nutrient, it is vitally important that we include a high quality, effective Vitamin C supplement in our health maintenance Program.

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