Progressive Ultimate Fish Oil for Women Softgels


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The Progressive Ultimate Fish Oil for Adult Women is a carefully chosen blend of 6 molecularly distilled, wild caught, cold-water fish oils along with herbal extracts to support and maintain good health. Gender-specific co-factors have been added to satisfy the unique health concerns of adult women:Evening Primrose Oil - Contains hormone balancing properties that reduce the symptoms and the discomfort associated with both PMS and menopaus. Primrose is also a rich source of plant-based essential fatty acids especially gamma-linolenic acid (Omega 9. CLA - (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is a naturaly occurring fatty acid found in sunflower seed. It has become famous for the impact that it has on body fat and in particular on abdominal fa. CLA also supports healthy glucose and insulin metabolis. Cranberry extract - Rich source of flavonoids, which in numerous studies have been linked to breast health. It is also widely used as a traditional remedy to support and protect the urinary trac.

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