Progressive 100% Organic Brown Rice Protein 800g


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Progressive 100% Organic Brown Rice protein is a 100% certified organic protein powder with no additives or flavoring. Brown rice protein is amazing for anyoune who is allergic to other forms of protein or simply wants a vegetarian alternative to casein and whey based protein powder.
Provides the full spectrum of essential amino acids and is gluten free & hypoallergeni. supports muscle tone and weight loss, assists in bone repair and formation, improves immune function; Helps alkalize the body, and balances blood sugar levels & moderates appetit.
Progressive Organics Brown Rice protein is made entirely from certified organic, non-GMO ingredient. The protein itself is derived from sprouted brown ric. Typical rice proteins are made from white rice, which offers an incomplete amino acid profile and a poor protein efficiency rati.
Sprouted brown rice, on the other hand, has a complete array of amino acids, which are essential for the maintenance of good health. It also has a net protein utilization score of 9.8% and is vegan, hypoallergenic and gluten fre.

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