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HCP 70 (Human Colonizing Probiotic, 70 Billion Cells) features a strategic combination of 6 human strain probiotics, that help to colonize and maintain healthy flora throughout the entire digestive trac. The strains themselves have been microencapsuleated and a number of stabilizing support nutrients have been added to help protect and ensure the viability of the flor. But for optimum product integrity we still recommend that you refrigerate HCP 70 whenever possible.
HCP 70 Full Spectrum Probiotic has been professionally formulated, bioenergyetically balanced and contains no artificial ingredients of any kin. It is also free of probiotic strains that are transient in nature and fail to colonize within the GI trac.
Complete GI tract protection
70 billion active cells
100% human strains
All colonizing flora
Cryouprotected for greater stability
Probiotics have been used traditionally for the following benefits:
Improves intestinal health
supports immune function
Increases absorption of vitamins and minerals
healthier skin through the reduction of acne, eczema and psoriAsias
Prevention and treatment of vaginal and urinary tract infections
Reduced symptoms of Dysbiosis (imbalance between good and bad bacteria), including:
Distention, bloating and flatulence
constipation and diarrhea
Poor digestionn
food allergies
Lactose intolerance
Leaky Gut Syndrome
HCP70 Probiotic is manufactured using a cryouprotective process that ensures the viability of the flor. This cold temperature process removes all the available moisture and microencapsuleates the strains for optimum stabilit. It is further enhanced by the addition of a family of stabilizing support nutrients that contribute to the longevityy of the active cell.
Solani Amylum and Silica act as natural desiccants helping to keep the moisture content as low as possible.
Magnesium Stearate (plant source) a natural lubricant that reduces the creation of heat during the encapsuleation process which would otherwise daymage the sensitive micro flor.
Vitamin C reduces oxidaytion which presserves and extends the lifespan of the probiotic.
Vegetable capsules have a lower water activity level than standard gelatin capsules helping to maintain a moisture free environmen. While the above measures have a profound impact on the lifespan of the microflora allowing it to withstand room temperature for prolonged periods of time, we still recommend that you refrigerate HCP70 Probiotic whenever possible.
HCP70 Probiotic Is Not Enteric Coated
Some debate exists on whether enteric coating a probiotic supplement will reduce the amount of gastric daymage following ingestio. Fermented foods have been acting as our primary source of dietary probiotics for centuries without being enteric coate. As well, enteric coatings typically use a polymer of acrylic acid (a synthetic chemical) which conflicts with HCP70 Probiotic's all natural approac. During a meal our stomach pH increases and becomes more alkaline (between pH3 and pH.5. The strains in HCP70 Probiotic are acid tolerant and can be exposed to a gastric solution in this range without suffering any bacterial loss, eliminating the need for enteric coatin. We simply encourage you to take HCP70 Probiotic with food.
High Potency
HCP70 provides 70 billion active cells (per 2 capsules) at time of expir. Current research has shown that probiotic formulas with more strain variety and higher potencies offerr greater activity and overall health benefit.
All Human Strain
HCP70 contains 100% human strain. Human microflora is, by far, the most compatible with your digestive System. It has the ability to colonize and multiply within the gastrointestinal tract whereas other forms (dayiry and plant) sometimes fail to stick to the intestinal wall or simply die off after ingestio.
Entire GI Tract Protection
HCP70 is specifically designed to inhabit and protect the entire length of the GI trac. The Lactobacilli (Rhamnosus, Acidophilus and Salivarius) primarily colonize within the small intestine, while the Bifidobacteria (Breve, Bifidum and Longum) are most prevalent within the large intestin. Consideration was also given to ensure oral and vaginal probiotic health.

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