Progressive Harmonized Vegan Protein Powder 840g


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Harmonized Vegan protein contains a strategic blend of 5 non GMO vegetable based proteins along with a complete array of complementary support nutrients designed to help ensure optimim digestionn, utilization, and compatibilit. Individually these proteins make their own unique contribution to the overall formul. In combination, they provide a full spectrum of both essential and non essential amino acids along with a winde range of vitamins, minerals, fiber, Efast and antioxidaynt. Harmonized Vegan protein has been professionally formulated and energyetically tested and contains no artificial ingredients of any kin. it is an excellent source of complete protein and is ideal for anyoune wishing to increase their protein intake while avoiding dayiry or animal source protein. Benefits: supports healthy immune function, provides antioxidaynt protection, improves cardiovascular health, aids in the formation and repair of bone, balances blood sugar levels and helps moderate appetite, and increases energy.

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