Progressive Complete Calcium For Men


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Even the most carefully chosen diet often lacks sufficient calcium. calcium is not only one of the most abundaynt minerals in our bodyies, it is also one of the most critically importan. It requires constant replenishing from the foods we eat and the supplements we consum. Satisfying our calcium requirements is no easy tas. Like the majority of minerals, calcium is not Easily absorbed, so the source and quality of the calcium we consume is of great importanc. As well, calcium does not work alone, the pressence and interaction of other nutrients must also be considere. Age and gender are also important factors as men and women have unique calcium demands and experience very different hormonal challenges as they ag. For Women Over 50 - Designed specifically for mature women, this comprehensive formula aggressively defends against all forms of calcium depletio. Three caplets daily supplies 900 mg of elemental calcium.

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