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Creatine Monohydrate is a naturally occurring amino acids (protein building block) made by the combination of Arginine, Glycine, & Methionine. 

Creatine is involved in many different functions in the body. Its main roles are to provide energy for the muscles, enhance protein synthesis and increase cell volume. 

The effect of creatine supplementation has been studied in people with different levels of fitness and athletic ability, ranging from elite athletes to relatively unfit beginners. 

Different mechanisms are involved in the ergogenic effects of creatine supplementation: 

1. Higher phosphocreatine concentrations serve as immediate reserves for ATP during exertion. 

2. Increased phosphocreatine re-synthesis rate during and after exertion due to increased levels of creatine. 

3. Smaller decrease in muscle pH during exertion. 

4. Greater training capacity. 

5. Increase in muscle mass (absolute power output). 

Creapure® provides the following key performance enhancing benefits
•Improves Performance 
•Builds Energy and Stamina 
•Increases Strength 
•Aids in Protein Synthesis 

How does Creapure® Work? 
Creatine is converted into creatine phosphate or phosphocreatine and stored in the muscles, where it is used for energy. During high-intensity, short-duration exercise, such as lifting weights or sprinting, phosphocreatine is converted into ATP, a major source of energy within the human body. ATP is the primary source of energy for muscle contraction as well as other bodily functions. ATP can then be used to provide additional energy to the working muscles. You can derive creatine from food sources but the amount can be so small that you would need to eat an excessive amount to the get the same benefits you would from supplementing. 

How does Creapure® Stimulate Muscle Growth? 
Creapure® Creatine allows you to perform increased work loads while training and as a result of additional energy, increased protein synthesis is stimulated. When an abundance of creatine phosphate is stored in the muscle, the muscle will retain more water in its cells and become what is known as “volumized.” The more volumized a muscle is, it will promote the synthesis of protein as well as deter the breakdown of protein. Increased protein synthesis along with training will lead to muscle growth. There is also scientific evidence that shows supplementation with creatine causes muscle tears to repair themselves quicker. 

Recommended Adult Dose: A daily dosage of 3 g is recommended. Creapure® should always be taken with caffeine-free drinks, such as water, fruit juice, or warm (improves solubility) tea. Make sure that you take sufficient fluid with the creatine (rule of thumb: 1 g creatine/100 ml fluid). The creatine drink should always be prepared fresh and consumed that same day, as creatine does not remain stable in fluids for long periods.

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