Pranin Organic PureFood B
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Pranin's PureFood Complete B aids energy metabolism, normal growth and development. Pranin's PureFood Complete B aid in red blood cell formation. Pranin's PureFood Complete B comes from whole food sources that are superior to synthetic ones because they are absorbed and retained better in the body and are more biologically active. The health benefits associated with fruits and vegetables can't be achieved by isolated phytonutrients alone but are derived from the mixture of phytonutrients present in whole food form.


  • Raw
  • Gluten Free
  • Non GMO
  • Vegan


Add one scoop (included in your jar) daily to at least 500mL of liquid in your favourite smoothie, fresh-pressed juice, or water. 



Organic guava, lemon, holy basil, and spirulina.

Every batch of our products is unique as they are totally natural products and not standardized extracts. Due to natural variances in crops of our food ingredients, nutritional values can vary significantly with each batch. The nutrition facts presented here may vary from the product that you receive.

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