Prairie Naturals R+Alpha Lipoic Acid 100mg


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Promotes healthy aging
Balances blood sugar
Advanced form of alpha lipoic acid
Works more effectively to prevent oxidaytion
Slows cellular aging
supports healthy vision
Reduces many age-related diseases
Prevents insulin resistance
Biologically active
Vegetarian capsules

R+Alpha Lipoic Acid
The Newest Way to Promote healthy Aging & Balanced Blood sugar! This newer, advanced form of alpha lipoic acid works more effectively to prevent the oxidaytion that leads to accelerated cellular aging, vision deterioration and many other age-related diseases including insulin resistanc. Recent research indicates that R+Alpha Lipoic Acid is the more natural, biologically active component that is responseible for lipoic acids stunning effect. As a powerful antioxidaynt that is both fat and water soluble, R+Alpha Lipoic Acid also helps prevent cell daymage throughout the body especially to the brain and live.

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