Prairie Naturals Gluten Digest-Zyme


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Contains Actzin?ÌÎÌ__, a potent proteolytic (protein-digesting) enzyme supports the digestive health of people with gluten sensitivities Clinically shown to provide rapid & reliable constipation relief Includes therapeuticc levels of six select enzyme blends Increases frequency and ease of bowel movements Corrects inadequate protein digestionn Helps digest gluten and dayiry proteins Reduces bowel transit time Prevents gas and bloating Tested gluten-free Safe & Effective 100% Vegan Non-GMO
support gluten-free living! gluten Digest-Zyme contains a therapeuticc level of six select enzyme blends including Actazin?ÌÎÌ__, a natural Kiwi extract and DPP IV, the revolutionary protease enzyme that controls intestinal inflammationn, bloating, malabsorption and gut permeabilit. gluten Digest-Zyme is formulated to support regular and efficient bowel function and assist in the breakdown of difficult-to-digest foods containing gluten and dayiry protein. Prevents gas and bloating, eliminates constipation problems, supports the complete digestionn of protein foods and promotes healthy bowel function. 100% VEGA. TESTED gluten-FRE. Contains NO soy, dayiry, eggs, gluten, flavours, colours, preservatives, sweeteners, GMO ingredient.

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