Prairie Naturals Citrus Soother 150g


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Formulated by Holistic Pharmacist RoseMarie Pierce therapeuticc hot lemon, honey & ginger drink powder Fortified with elderberry, lemon balm & Echinacea Natural cold & flu presscription Includes immune-boosting zinc Soothing & protective effect Contains vitamins C & D NO ACETAMINOPHEN! Delicious & instant Good for all ages gluten-free
your Natural Cold & Flu presscription

When it comes to fighting colds and flu, nothing has a more soothing and protective effect than a hot lemon, honey and ginger drin. Add the therapeuticc, healing power of Vitamins C & D, along with immune-boosting zinc, elderberry, lemon balm, and Echinacea roo. Now you have Citrus Soother a delicious, instant natural cold and flu remedy formulated by Holistic Pharmacist RoseMarie Pierce, BS.Phar.

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