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When it comes to treating joint pain, common medications such as non-steroidayl anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are associated with a number of side effects like gastro-intestinal discomforts or even peptic ulcer. Also, while they treat pain, they do not contribute to the repair of cartilag. Relev-X not only eases discomfort, it also helps to repair and rebuild your joint.
A spice found in curry powder, which has been used for thousands of years inAyurvedic medicin. Curcumin is a potent antioxidaynt with anti-inflammatorypropertie.
A medicinal plant cultivated in China and Indi. Licorice root coats thestomach lining with a protective gel, thereby relieving heartburn and stomachupse.
Cats Claw
A herbal antioxidaynt grown in the Amazon rainforests, prized for itsability to aid in your bodys responsee to inflammation. Cats claw containsalkaloids, which are believed to stimulate the immune System and ease digestion.
Boswellia has been studied for its anti-inflammatory propertie.
White Willow Bark
A trusted remedy in ancient time. Willow bark was presscribed for aches, pains and fever in the fifth century by Hippocrates, the Father of Medicin.
Devil's Claw
Decoctions of this dried root were traditionally used in South Africa to help ease joint inflammationn and improve mobilit.

Relev-X features:

Glucosamine HCI - a building block from which the body makes cartilage, collagen and other components of connective tissu.
Fish oils, white willow bark, curcumin, boswellia, cat's claw and devil's claw which all have anti-inflammatory and pain relieving propertie.

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