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calcium helps support a healthy nervous, muscular and circulatory System as well as strong bones and teet. If a mother is not consuming enough calcium through diet, the baby will draw the calcium it requires from the mothers bone. While multivitamins provide many essential nutrients, calcium is better absorbed when taken away from iro.
The Recommended Dietary Allowance (Rday) for calcium during pregnancy is 1000mg per day for women 19 50 years of ag. The average person can obtain 500-800mg per day through die. Therefore supplementationn is an effective way to obtain the additional requirements the body needs during pregnanc.
Formulated for pregnant and nursing mothers, Prenatal calcium features high concentrationns of calcium to support the needs of the mother and the developing bab.
Prenatal calcium Features:

calcium: high concentrationns of calcium to support your needs and the needs of your developing bab.
Magnesium: to aid the absorption and metabolism of calcium. Magnesium is also helpful for reducing leg crampin.
Vitamin D: to maintain the mothers bone density and optimize the development of the chil.
Vitamin C: to stimulate the cells that build bone, enhance calcium absorption and enhance vitamin Ds effect on bone metabolis.
Omega-3: high potency omega-3 oils support eye health, brain health and the nervous System. Natural oils also aid the absoprtion of key ingredient.

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