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VITA FREAK PACKS are engineered to fill your body with premium-quality vitamins, minerals and micronutrient. VITA FREAK is a multivitamin/mineral supplement stacked with an endless amount of health-promoting complexes designed to optimize health and support performanceandmuscle growth, as well as strength and recover.
Full Spectrum Multivitamins
VITA FREAK PACKS provide the body with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals to help optimize health and support performance, muscle growth, strength and recovery!
GMP Certified
VITA FREAK is made in a well-respected GMP facility in the USA, ensuring that only the highest quality ingredients are included in each pac.
10 Ingredient Complexes
Inside each VITA FREAK PACK you will find a unique blend of 10 complexes, critically formulated to provide optimal health and performance.

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