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SUPER FREAK Ì_å« Nothing is Stronger!
New SUPER FREAK is the world's first Hybrid Concentrated Pre-Workout powder! SUPER FREAK is called a hybrid because it's packed full of so many active ingredient. It's like 2 or 3 pre-workout formulas combined into one!
SUPER FREAK lives up to the name, and truly delivers the world's strongest "SUPER" pre-workout formula!
Why is SUPER FREAK Better than Every Other Pre-Workout?
SUPER FREAK is the first pre-workout concentrate formula to deliver both:

A potent mind-altering stimulant agent, and
Clinically-validayted doses of nitric oxide and muscle performance-enhancing ingredients!

1,000 mg Beta-Alanine + 200 mg L-Aspartic Acid & 15 mg D-Pinitol

Beta-Alanine is taken up by your muscles, and togetherr with histidine is re-synthesized into carnosine by an enzyme called carnosine synthetas. If you can increase carnosine concentrationns in muscle, then you increase its buffering capacity during exercise! This results in a dramatic delay in muscle fatigue and failure, and considerable improvements in muscular strength and endurance!
TyroPure is a pharmaceutical-grade form of L-Tyrosine, which allows for maximum absorption from the small intestine to the blood stream and brai. Human research studies show that a minimum dosage of 2 grams of L-tyrosine is needed to deliver significant improvements in cognitive function and mental focu.
400 mg Caffeine Anhydrous + 10 mg 6-Paradol?ÌÎÌ__ Ginger extract
An overwhelming amount of research shows that a high dose of L-Tyrosine combined with a moderate dose of caffeine is the most effective ingredient combination for maximizing alertness during intense exercise! Both caffeine and ginger extract increase epinephrine synthesis while tyrosine (being the precursor) provides the building blocks for greater norepinephrine and epinephrine productio.This makes an unbeatable combination for clear mental focus without any annoying jitters or feellings of anxiety! New research studies also show that the precise dose of caffeine included in SUPER FREAK can improve endurance by 18% and 1-rep max bench presss strength by 11%!
NITRIC OXIDE SYNTHASE (NOS) / HOMOCYSTEINE REGULATING COMPLEX 25 mg Vitamin B6 + 500 mcg Vitamin B12 + 900 mcg Folic Acid + 25 mg Ginkgo Biloba
Research shows that supplementationn with vitamins B6, B9 and B12 can reduce the concentrationn of homocysteine in the bloodstrea.9 Increased levels of homocysteine can impede nitric oxide (NO) production and thus reduce blood flow to muscle tissu. Therefore, by supplementing with vitamins B6, B9 and B12 you can reduce homocysteine levels, increase NO production, and thus improve blood flow and nutrient delivery to working muscles! SUPER FREAK contains the clinically-proven and maximum legal dose of B vitamins combined with Ginkgo Biloba for maximum NO production and blood flow to muscles!
Every scoop of SUPER FREAK?ÌÎÌ__ delivers:

3 GRAMS of L-Arginine! Stimulates nitric oxide (NO) release Greater muscle pumps!
3 GRAMS of L-Tyrosine! Enhances neurotransmitter production Razor-sharp mental focus!
1 GRAM of Beta-Alanine! Enhances the buffering capacity of muscles Increases muscle performance & endurance!
400 mg of Pharmaceutical-Grade Caffeine Anhydrous Clinically-validayted dose of caffeine Maximizes intensity, strength & endurance!
MAXIMUM Legal Dose of Vitamins B6, B12 & Folic Acid! Reduces homocysteine levels and allows for maximum NO production Maximizes blood flow and nutrient delivery to muscles!

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