Organika | Fäv Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups with Enhanced Collagen
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Better-for-you treat made with natural peanut butter + collagen + cocoa

Enjoy melt-in-your mouth milk chocolate and peanut butter decadence with Organika’s FÄV Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. Made with chocolate, creamy peanut butter and sprinkled with Canada’s #1 collagen powder*, these peanut butter cups are the smarter way to indulge your sweet tooth.

  • Better-for-you, Keto-friendly snack
  • 4 g protein per cup
  • 1.3 g grass-fed hydrolyzed bovine collagen per cup
  • only 2 g sugar per cup
  • Low net carbs

This is your perfect low sugar, low carb snack made with natural peanut butter, collagen, and cocoa. Containing 4 g of protein and only 2 g of sugar, this is literally the treat you’ve been waiting for.

Enjoy collagen-infused decadent peanut butter wrapped in a rich sugar-free chocolate coating.

Unlike other peanut butter cups, FÄV Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup are made with natural peanut butter, collagen and a decadent thick chocolate coat; it’s the ultimate burst of flavour and sweet-tooth satisfaction – what treats are made of! The bonus: it’s packed with benefits... 4 g protein (1.3 g being collagen), ONLY 100 cal, and only 2 g net carb per cup. Go ahead, indugle on this treat that will fit your calorie quota!

Keto milk chocolate coating (cocoa butter, erythritol, unsweetened chocolate, inulin, whole milk powder, skim milk powder, soy lecithin [emulsifier], natural vanilla flavour, salt, stevia extract), Peanut butter (roasted peanuts), Keto white chocolate confection (cocoa butter, tapioca fibre, whole milk, erythritol, flavoured cream [cream, natural flavour], sunflower lecithin [emulsifier], stevia extract), Peanut flour, Hydrolyzed beef collagen, Sweeteners (erythritol, stevia extract), Sunflower lecithin, Sea salt, Natural flavours.  

Contains: Milk, Soy, Peanuts.


  • Q: What is the difference between steviol glycosides and stevia extract? 
    A: They are both the same thing, just different names for it.  

    Q: Is the Hydrolyzed beef collagen the same as the Enhanced collagen? Do we know approx. How much collagen per PB cup? 
    A: Yes, it is the same hydrolyzed collagen peptides from grass-fed cattle, that is in our Enhanced collagen. There is 1.3 g of collagen protein per cup.

    Q: What is the purpose of the Sunflower lecithin? 
    A: It helps to bind the cocoa solids, sugar and milk so they stick to the cocoa butter.  It is a standard process in chocolate making.

    Q: Why are there so many sweeteners used? 
    A: These are natural sweeteners and used together to mimic the taste of sugar as closely as possible. In addition, it offsets any undesirable aftertaste of any one sweetener. 




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