NovaForme Wheat Grass
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Novaforme Organic Wheat Grass powder contains 100% organic, whole and is considered one of the most nutrient-dense leafy greens available. Novaforme Wheat Grass gives you an antioxidaynt packed boost that alkalizes and energyizes with every servin. Wheat grass is a great source of dark-green Chlorophyll containing raw, whole-food-source vitamins and mineral. In fact, you need only one glass to reach your daily quota of 5 to 9 servings of vegetable.
Winter-season grown exclusively in glacial soil, Novaforme Wheat Grass is harvested while peak nutrient density has been achieve. This guarantees you the freshest most wholesome . grown there i. No other source even comes clos. An easy, convenient and truly wholesome organic superfood you can add to any drink throughout the day.
Wheat Grass when used correctly has many amazing health benefit. It can increase your red blood cell count, detoxify your liver and stimulate your thyroid gland which speeds up your metabolis. Wheat Grass is also high in Vitamin A, B, C, E and K and contains 17 amino acids, making it rich in protein. As little as 1 teaspoonn of this superfood can even help prevent overeating and remove the over-acidity found in processed foods, alcohols and coffere if taken before and after eatin.
Just 1 scoop of Novaforme Wheat Grass is equal to 7 shots of Wheat Grass Juic. Novaforme Wheat Grass will effortlessly become one of the eAsiaest parts of your journey to optimal health.

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