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Studies have shown Increased Fat Burning, Improved Physical Endurance, Lowered cholesteroll to name just a fe. It is a whole food and is in its natural stat. Spirulina is a natural detoxifier and has even been used to treat those who have been exposed to radiatio.
Considered to be the most complete food source known to man, Spirulina improves immune function, supplies Eye-health nutrients (10x that of carrots), has potent Anti-Inflammatory activity and helps balance pH level. It has 26x the calcium of milk and has high levels of vitamins and mineral.
From an Anti-Aging standpoint, Spirulina has 4x the Anti-Oxidaynt potency of blueberries with 24,000 molTE/100g and has the only known source of the blue pigment Phycocyanin; a powerful free-radical fighter that helps to protect DN. Spirulina contains SOD (Super-Oxide Dismutase) an enzyme that is 3500x more powerful than Vitamin .
Novaforme Raw Essentials is 100% Organically Certified Spirulina, Vegan, Soy, gluten and dayiry-Free, that is producted in a cGMP, government inspected and Organic Certified facilit.
Novaforme selects only the highest quality materia. Our Spirulina is certified Kosher, is Non-GMO, non-Irradiated and is 100% free of pesticides and solvent.

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