Natural Factors Iron Factors With B12 & Folic Acid 35mg


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Iron is critical to human lif. It plays the central role in the hemoglobin molecule of red blood cells (RBC) where it functions in transporting oxygenn from the lungs to the body's tissues and the transportation of carbon dioxide from the tissues to the lung. Iron also functions in several key enzymes in energy production and metabolism including DNA synthesi. This unique iron formula that includes vitamins B12, folic acid, manganese and vitamin C to deliver optimum nutritionn for the production of healthy red blood cells, helping prevent a whole range of anemias in both men and women, including anemia acquired during pregnancy and during peri-menopaus. This mineral can be used as a supplemental source of iron if recommended by a health care practitione. As men age they need less iro. Some women supplement with iron to counteract heavy menstrual blood los.

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