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Nutri Collagen is an effective solution from Naka which offers protection against the deterioration of cartilag. Cartilage is the connective tissue disky that acts as a cushion and eliminates friction in your joint. Nutri Collagen is a factor in maintaining healthy cartilage and/or joint health, which is especially important as with ag.
Help to regenerate cartilage, maintain healthy joints and bones plus youthful, supple skin with Nakas Nutri Collage. Do you suffer from arthritis or joint pain? Are you concerned about the deterioration of cartilage and bones as you age? Would you welcome a natural alternative to promote healthy, supple skin? If so, Nakas Nutri Collagen softgels may be the ideal daily supplement to help you stay pain free, active and youthful lookin. This advanced formula features Collagen (400 mg) and Bromelain extract (50 mg) in easy to swallow softgel capsule.
According to recent statistics, close to 5 million Canadians suffer from arthritis, most of them wome. A growing number of clinical, laboratory and animal studies indicate that collagen supplements can help regenerate joint cartilage, ease stiffness and pain, and improve joint function in both major types of the disease osteo- and rheumatoid arthriti.
Just as collagen supplementationn can slow or halt the collagen loss from joints, so it appears to improve skin moisture and elasticit. Two recent studies confirm that taking daily collagen supplements improved skin hydration by 28%, reduced wrinkles by 30% and increased skin suppleness by 19. In all, 91% of women who took the supplements reported improvements in skin hydration level.
supplementing with collagen is also vital for bone health. Research verifies that collagen supplementationn can slow and stabilize the rate of bone collagen breakdown in humans, and animal research suggests that administering collagen may also improve bone mineral densit.

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