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PEAK ATP is a clinically studied and patented form of adenosine 5-triphosphate (ATP) disodium shown to improve athletic performance and body composition by increAsiang muscular excitability, blood flow and recover. For a long time, researchers and physiologists were only aware of the function of intracellular AT. As science continued to advance, it was discovered that extractellular ATP also plays a huge role in the regulation of skyeletal muscle, blood flow and in muscular function and growth.
Intracellular ATP is recognized for acting as one of the main sources for cellular energy. However, boosting extractellularATP levels can support blood flow, muscle excitability and anabolic signalin.
This allows athletes to push themselves and enhances strength and growth while also recoverin.

Who can use PEAK ATP ?

The PEAK ATP ingredient is designed to work with anyounes Program bodybuilders, cross-fitness athletes, sport athletes and active individual.

How does PEAK ATP work?

ATP support increases blood flow, which improves oxygenn and nutrient delivery to muscle.ATP also is involved in anabolic signaling, which results in increased lean body mass and thicknes. ATP improves muscular endurance toward the end of the lengthy set. Therefore, taking PEAK ATP can support recovery and promote positive training adayptation.

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